member minders

12/2/14 (Pat Hanft) With the holidays upon us, volunteering for the Annual Meeting in May may be the last thing you want to think about.  However, if you are interested, please let me know ASAP.  I need to respond by December 15th.  Thank you!

11/27/14 (Fran Harris) Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Just a reminder to please remember to  respond to Joan Leventhal by Dec 1 regarding our cocktail party on Dec 5, at Templeton Hall. It s $40 a person. We hope to see you all but if you are unable to make it, your donation would still  be appreciated. Thank you. 

11/19/14 (Pat Hanft) EGADS: the holidays are upon us!  Thanksgiving is next week, and the Monday after that, December 1st, is the day for our annual decorating of the Fenimore Museum.  We will need all members who are able to come and help, since the turnout from other local clubs is smaller this year.  It's a fun morning, and many hands makes for quick work. Please let Carrie Thompson know if you can attend and also if you plan to stay for the luncheon.  Also, please RSVP to Joan Leventhal as soon as you can about our Cocktail Party/Preview Sale on December 5th.  Remember, all members are expected to support our fundraiser. 

10/26/14 (Suzy Kingsley) I have been watching the weather and it looks like Tuesday, October 28 is going to be sunny and 62 degrees. I thought it was probably our last chance to clean up the buffer strip. Lets meet at 10:00 to give it time to warm up a bit.  Should be done by 12:00. Please bring clippers, diggers, gloves, etc. I will bring our new "Claw"  weed extractors.   I will bring some large bags for the clippings. It will be fun.  See you then.

10/6/14 (Lucy Townsend) Hi everyone...Just noting that the general meeting is a lecture and demonstration but only 15 people max  can actually do the hands-on jewelry construction (limit now reached).  All others please come or add your names to the wait list. You will still be inspired by just watching!  We will also have a meeting and afternoon tea party not to be missed. Thanks everyone!

10/6/14 (Fran Harris) Good news! I heard from Hugette Hersch today and she can definitely come for our jewelry workshop on Oct 15 at 1pm. As soon as she sends me a materials list, ( like scissors etc) I will send to you.  She will be staying with me on tues night the13th and as soon as she gets her travel arrangements set, I will need someone to volunteer to pick her up in Albany or possibly Utica sometime on tues. I have 12 family members in my home till Monday night so I will need to be home Tuesday to put it back together!!!  Please consider helping out with travel. She will also need a return ride on wed night. She can accommodate 15 people and we already have 13 so if anyone still wants to attend now is the time!! 

9/22/14 (Fran Harris) Our presenter for the Botanical Arts workshop, Hugette Hersch, who was  scheduled for Oct 8, had to change the date. She is fairly sure that she can make the following Wed 15th instead. It will still be held at Templeton Hall with our general meeting beginning at 1pm followed by the workshop and afternoon tea by our hostesses; Carrie Thompson, Mary Clark and Anne Keith. Please RSVP as soon as possible to me,  so we can let  know how much material to bring.  The flower show workshop (create your own hypertufa container)  originally scheduled for the 15th, will simply switch to the 8th, still at Carries greenhouse. Once again, please pre-register with me asap. You will need to wear old clothing and rubber kitchen gloves and bring one container that will serve as your form and another to fit inside to create an interior space. Material fee is $20. Hopefully this isn’t too confusing!  

9/3/14 (Joan Kegelman)  Carrie has said that we may use her greenhouse as the central pick up / drop off location for the luminaire project.....for those who were not at the plant exchange today, your bags to be folded will be in Carries greenhouse with an index card with your name ......please be good enough to return your folded bags in a shopping bag with the index card stapled to it to the greenhouse......all bags should be returned asap or before Thanksgiving......thank you to all.......please note that IF the gates are closed please keep them closed........thanks again

9/1/14 (Fran Harris) Just a reminder that we have our annual Plant Exchange and tea this Wed at 1pm at Annsfield, 6056 State Hwy 80. Liz Parsons and Meg Tillapaugh are hostesses and there will be a board meeting immediately following. Bring any outdoor plants that you would like to share labeled with a card giving the plant name, growing conditions, and your name. This year we will also be adding a seed exchange so if you have gathered any seeds (or nuts, even ) put them in labeled envelopes as well. See you there!

8/20/14 (Lucy Townsend) Next Wednesday we have a workshop on the calendar to be held at Carefree Gardens at 2 PM. The program is a mystery...Mary will surprise us with a fun growing project.  Anyone who would love to enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by Origins Cafe can meet there at 1 PM. Mary would like to know how many to expect for lunch so the girls can have something special ready as well as how many to expect for the mystery growing project. Please RSVP to me. Thanks! 

8/20/14 (Suzy Kingsley) We just finished the Springfield Buffer Strip and it really looks good. The plants are thriving.  We will have to do a good cutting back in the Fall and Spring.

8/18/14 (Suzy Kingsley) Just a reminder that there will be a short weed and clean-up at the Springfield Buffer Strip this Wednesday, August 20

from 10:00 - 12:00 noon. Bring clippers, rakes, gloves, etc., water and anything else you need. I will bring trash bags.  I have our new implements, The Claw, as demonstrated by Fran at the last clean-up. We bought some for the club to use. We will reschedule if it rains.

8/14/14 (Lucy Townsend) Yesterday those who missed the program, approximately 2/3 of our membership, also missed a presentation of great importance.  Having most members absent, or half an hour late, shed a poor light on our club for the three lecturers who all arrived promptly for the 1 PM meeting. Too often we go about our daily routines taking for granted the surrounding forested hills and miles of pastureland, the beauty of our glacial lake and streams, the clean air we breath and toxin-free water we drink. But as a few of us heard at yesterday's program, none of that can taken for granted.  Hillsides dotted with condos interrupted only by fracking station pads every square mile, dusty gravel roads traveled by trucks carrying toxic chemicals, poisoned wells and valueless land.... that would be our future here if not for the vigilance of the Otsego Land Trust, Otsego County Conservation Association and Otsego 2000. It is remarkable how lucky we are to have these local groups so diverse yet connected in their missions to preserve our way of life for the near and distant future. As members of GCA, you all should strongly care about conservation issues. Please support the mission of the Garden Club of America. Visit the website and on the home page, scroll down to GCA Position Papers 2013. Acquaint yourself with the issues our national club has taken strong stances on. "The restoration, improvement and protection of the environment through programs and action,” is included in the mission statement of GCA and well should be our mission here in Cooperstown.

8/8/14 (Lucy Townsend) A reminder that we will be meeting next Wednesday August 13 at 1 PM for refreshments and a meeting that is bound to be fascinating with updates from our local conservation groups on the good work they do. This will be followed by a walk in the woods at this beautiful property. Bring cameras (if it's not raining) and Jennifer Brickley will again lead us with tips on photography of nature. All those wishing to go on the walk must sign a release, and many of you already did at the annual meeting. The meeting will be accompanied by light refreshments provided by our hostesses.

8/3/14 (Pat Hanft) I would like to reschedule the meeting for 11:30AM on Wednesday, 8/13 (with a light lunch) just prior to the general meeting.  It's a short ride from my house up Route 80 to our meeting at the Thayer Boat House that same day. Please let me know if you will attend.  If you are unable to come, please email me your report by Monday 8/11.  Thank you.  I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

7/7/14 (Lucy Townsend) This is a reminder that our July meeting will be held this Wednesday at 1 PM at Hyde Hall.  We'll be meeting at the old barn, adjacent to the visitor center. There is a boxed lunch available for $10. Your check can be made out to LVGC and brought to the meeting.  Please RSVP to me (Lucy) if you would like a luncheon. Lunch will be ready at 1 PM followed by a short meeting at 1:15 followed by the presentation on the gardens and landscape of Hyde Hall by Gib Vincent. If you already RSVPed at today's board meeting, there is no need to confirm. Thanks you! 

6/29/14 (Lucy Townsend) Hello everyone. Chris asked me to remind you all that our free trees giveaway will be held at the Cooperstown Farmers' Market on July 5. Please bring your seedlings to our table at the market by 8:30 AM.  Let Chris know if you have any questions.

6/29/14 (Pat Hanft) Out of respect for the passing of our dear friend and member Joan White, the board meeting is rescheduled to Monday morning, July 7th at 10AM at Joan Leventhal's house.  We know Joanie's passing affects many of you, and there is little time left in the balance of the upcoming holiday week to reschedule. Please let me know if you will be able to attend.

6/29/14 (Pat Hanft) I write to share the sad news that our dear friend and member Joan White passed away yesterday.  Details regarding any services are not yet available but will be shared with you as we receive them. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.

6/28/14 (Pat Hanft) Our new board will be gathering for the first time on WEDNESDAY, JULY 2ND at 4PM as planned, but the venue has been changed to Joan Leventhal's house, 1647 County Highway 33, Cooperstown (around the corner from the Sports Center).  Please carpool if possible.
If you have chaired a committee other than your new position, please bring any files you may have to pass on to the new chairperson.  I will have a folder of additional information for most of you about your position.  For the agenda, I will ask each committee chair to give a short report if they have any information to share. I will do my best to keep our meetings to one hour so we have time for a glass of wine before we leave!I am excited to be working with all of you.  Enjoy the lovely weather!

6/18/14 (Lucy Townsend) Attention: Ladies who signed up for the succulents workshop!  Don't forget about today's workshop at 2 PM at Changing Seasons in Hartwick. The cost is $30 to be paid to Marion Strieese.  See you there!  

6/12/14 (Lucy Townsend) Mark your calendars for the Master Gardeners' 2nd Annual Harvest Luncheon & Silent Auction, Saturday, August 23. Check the LVGC calendar.

6/4/14 (Lucy Townsend) 1) Please let me know today or by the latest, tomorrow,  if you would like to join the workshop at Changing Seasons on Wednesday June 18, 2 PM. We will create succulents baskets with Marion Striesse. There is  a $30 fee for the class for materials but you are guaranteed to come away with a fabulous long-lasting design. Please email or call me to RSVP.
2) Zone III Meeting 2014 news. Please bring plant exchange ilex plants to Templeton Hall at 2 PM on Sunday. Also, any entries for par class or other horticulture entries other than cut stems should be brought in on Sunday. On Monday, between 8-10 AM, bring cut specimens to Templeton Hall for entry in the flower show. If you have any questions on what you can enter, please contact Chris Weiss or check out the flower show schedule for the Zone III annual meeting at . You can pick up entry cards here at Templeton Hall on Sunday if you would like to fill them out in advance and they will be here Monday as well. We can only enter 7 cut specimens in all, but feel free to bring as many as you like and the best will be entered.

5/25/14 (Lucy Townsend)

Chris would like everyone to start getting ready for the next flower show, to be held at our annual Zone III meeting held this year at Three Harbors GC on Long Island from June 10-11.
    Soon MJ and Pat will leave for the meeting and with them will go our best 6 ilex(holly) specimens, each with entry cards made out in advance. If you have an ilex to submit, you can drop it off Sunday June 8 at 2 PM at Templeton Hall. Chris will determine which 6 plants from 6 different growers are the best. Entry cards will be made out at this time.
    We also need cut specimens from your gardens, and as a GCA judge once told me, submitting a cut specimen is the easiest way to a blue ribbon there is!
So for all you great growers who are stacking up your blues, and those who have always wanted one, here's your chance:
Please bring your specimens to Templeton Hall between 8-9:30 AM on Monday June 9. You may stop by Sunday afternoon June 8 for an entry card which as you all just learned, are much easier to fill out when done the day before.
We need 3 specimens from one of the following class choices, so Pat and MJ will take the best of what you submit, and will enter what looks best after a journey to Long Island.  4 more may be submitted for total of 7 as long as they are all different. Here we go:
1) One stem, spike, or spray in bloom.  Branches from tree, shrub, or vine not to exceed 30 in. in length.
2) Roses in bloom must be exhibited with at least one attached leaf containing 5 leaflets
3) Any of the following:Astilbe, Campanula, Dianthus, Dicentra, Primula, Alium, Iris, Peony, Polygonatum, Cornus, Rhododendron, Syringa,Viburnum,Wisteria, Clematis Rose: Climber, Floribunda Spray,Hybrid Tea. 
    If you don't know what some of those Latin family names mean, look it up. I am sure you know Cornus means Dogwood, Polygonatum means Solomon's Seal and Syringa means Lilac, right?
4) A collection of 3-6 species and/or cultivars of herbaceous perennials—with key card-- displayed in a glass container supplied by committee  
) A collection of 3-6 cuttings from 3-6 different cultivars or species of fresh herbs—with key card. Note this class is for cuttings, not live plants with roots.

4/1/14 (Pat Hanft): Invitations are in the mail for the Cocktail Party at Hyde Hall in conjunction with our Flower Show. Please check your invitation envelopes carefully for the response card and RSVP or send your $50 per person check ($75 for patrons) to Joan Leventhal, 1647 River Road County Highway 33, Cooperstown, NY (607-547-2190). We hope for full support from all our members!

11/15/13 (Liz Parsons) Our holiday invitations are in the mail.  Please remember to RSVP to MJ or Liz Parsons,  however  checks should be sent to Mickie Richtsmeier at LVGC Box 164,  Cooperstown. Please remember this is our main fundraiser.  The committee anticipates 100% participation.  If you are unable to attend,  we would appreciate contributions. Thank you in advance for making this a successful event!

11/15/13 NAL: National Endowment for the Oceans bill goes to Conference.

11/14/13 (Pat Hanft) Press Release: The Lake & Valley Garden Club of Cooperstown, which is committed to community service, conservation and sustainability, is partnering this year with The Farmers Museum for Candlelight Night on Saturday, December 14th.  In the spirit of the holidays, the club will be selling luminaires to residents and businesses to light that evening to enhance the Village of Cooperstown for visitors.  LIGHT UP THE NIGHT proceeds will help LVGC continue its important buffer strip work and other civic projects and provide funding for awards and scholarships given to other local entities and students with the same interests.
Order your Luminaires online at or by mailing in the order form below. The luminaires can be picked up at the Louis C. Jones Center at the Farmers Museum on Friday, December 6 from 12-5 and Saturday, December 7th from 8-12 during the club’s annual Greens Sale & Boutique.
See press release with history.

11/7/13 (Pat Hanft) Fenimore decorating: Our calendars are filling up as the holidays approach.  Here is one more date to make sure is on yours.  LVGC will be decorating the Fenimore on Monday, November 25th of Thanksgiving week, at 10AM.  The member reception to enjoy the decorations will be held Sunday, December 1st. There has been a huge response this year from other local clubs.  We are grateful for the help at this busy time of year.  However, due to the limited capacity of the room available, only the first 15 people from our club who sign up with me can enjoy the lunch provided by the museum once the work of decorating is completed.  Please RSVP as soon as possible.  Thank you!

11/5/13 (Patsy Smith) Read Patsy's November Legislative report.

11/05/13 Garden History and Design publishes new brochure.

11/3/13 (Melissa Barry) We are collecting artwork for the LVGC Fundraiser during the next couple of weeks.  If you have a painting, pottery or other piece that you are interested in selling, the LVGC will provide 70% commission for any pieces sold, 30% to the garden club.  Please feel free to contact us with questions or to set up a time for pick up.  You can also drop off the pieces at Fran's house on Chestnut Street

6/27/13 (Barb Cannon) Provisional Class Tea: On June 27 our LVGC Provisional Members, Nancy Northrup, Harriet Fieldhouse, Carrie Thompson and Pamela Scurry were treated to a scrumptuous tea at President MJ Harris's home.  The tea was a welcome to our club event which highlighted the mission of GCA and LVGC.  Many of our committee chairs shared information about their committees.  MJ and Barb Cannon filled in some blanks for absent chairmen and answered questions regarding membership, the upcoming Zone III meeting in Rochester, fund raisers, website accessibility, etc.  The tea was well attended by provisional sponsors and other members who enjoyed catching up over tea and finger sandwiches. A very special thank you to MJ for being our hostess with the mostest! Your grandmother would have been so very proud!

1/14/13 (Lucy) I am working on the flower show, slated to take place on May 8-9 and staged at The Smithy Gallery. Please let me know if you will still be away but can help in an out-of-town way. Otherwise, everyone must serve in some capacity. Please let me know what you would prefer...otherwise you will be assigned and you might get an assignment you don't like. But what's not to like!? It's a flower show!   The theme of the show is "Artistic Impressions" and will be based on the work of the 19th century impressionists. Start your creative engines!  I would like to have a luncheon at my house January 31 at noon to discuss all the details and work to be done. Please let me know if you can attend.

1/5/13 (MJ) The long Island GCA clubs will be presenting their Annual Tree Symposium, January 23, 2013, sounds like a wonderful program! If you are interested please email Lydia Wallis at   Here's to a wonderful 2013!   

01/02/13 (MJ)  A special invitation for club members to attend
A Day at the Centennial Annual Meeting
Thursday May 2, 2013, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Loews Hotel, Philadelphia
This special day will include:
     · Private, guided Tour of the 2013 Flower Show
     · Shopping in the fabulous Centennial Boutique
     · Annual Meeting Event Bag
     · Gourmet luncheon on the 33rd Floor
     · Special Address by GCA President Marian Hill
     · Private Book Signing by our Keynote Speaker
Cost: $125 per person. Transportation and hotel rooms are not being provided, Space is limited, please sign up early. GCA will send all members who indicate an interest, a personal invitation. Invitations will be sent February 7th, 2013. RSVP’s to MJ are due March 28, 2013.

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Past president MJ Harris shares an award winning basket with current president Pat Hanft.