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Secondhand Rose

holiday fundraiser

coming ...Saturday, November 24, 2012

Templeton Hall

All items on Tables are priced either $1   $5   $10   $20   $30

2011 another success

Chair Peggy Poulson sends out a thank you for the GREAT success of our 2nd Annual Second Hand Rose Sale. The LVGC grossed $1,150, and after expenses we are expected to make a profit of $1,000!! Great job everyone! Thank you to everyone who helped and donated!

in general ...

Funds raised will be used primarily for the civic projects in the Village of Cooperstown. Any excess funds may be used to further the stated purposes of The Lake and Valley Garden Club.”

Each member should provide merchandise for the sale. Christmas articles will be most welcome. Garden books & tools, vases, flower pots . . . scarves, purses, jewelry of all description, knickknacks, statues, statuettes, whatever. Search your drawers, closets, end tables, cellars, attics, and garages for objects that someone will want to buy.

Please call Doreen (547-1195) to arrange to drop off your items at the law office of Robert Poulson, 29 Pioneer St., Monday tthrough Friday, 9 am-5 pm. Also, if attending a LVGC meeting at Templeton Hall, Lucy will have a collection box available there during meetings only. Thank you all — your participation is crucial to our success.

(updated 02/26/11)

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