conservation Committee

The Conservation Committee reports on conservation issues of local, regional and/or national concern and arranges programs on conservation subjects.

spring 2011 ConWatch newsletter

ConWatch, a GCA quarterly newsletter, strives to educate and inform GCA members on key concerns and developments in conservation and on important legislation relating to conservation and preservation, and to be a resource for club conservation chairs, and members.

  • Of local interest are articles on hydraulic fracturing:
        Fracking – The Dirty Truth About the New Natural Gas: Fracking 101
        Hydraulic Fracturing: Ensuring the Safety of our Drinking Water


Conservation Pledge

To preserve America's beauty and natural heritage for future generations, we pledge to:

  • Promote conservation stewardship through environmental education and advocate scientifically based environmental legislation;
  • Work to protect endangered species, especially flora, to promote biodiversity and to conserve natural resources;
  • Encourage the responsible use of our public lands for the benefit of all citizens;
  • Work to reduce industrial, municipal and household waste and advocate the prevention pollution of soil, air and water.