Standing Committees

The Conservation Committee reports on conservation issues of local, regional and/or national concern and arranges programs on conservation subjects.

The EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE facilitates the administration of LVGC scholarships and educational programs and helps achieve greater awareness of these scholarships and programs within and outside LVGC membership.

The FLOWER SHOW COMMITTEE promotes flower shows , provides guidance and encouragement to those planning and presenting flower shows, and establishes and maintains standards of excellence in flower shows.

2013 centennial tree project celebrates the GCA's Centennial in June 2013, by focusing on black walnut trees, recognizing the importance of these trees in Cooperstown's past, present, and future: they are basic to our survival, to the beauty of our landscapes, and to our history.

The PROPERTY CUSTODIAN has the authority and responsibility for the physical custody of all LVGC personal property under LVGC control. LVGC Inventory at 6/10/2012

The HORTICULTURE COMMITTEE seeks to nurture the knowledge and love of gardening, to promote useful and valuable plants and to conserve those at risk. It supports GCA clubs in their efforts to educate their communities in responsible ways to plant, propagate, grow and show.

The HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE is responsible for planning, preparing, and overseeing hospitality at club meetings and events.

The MEMBERSHIP/NOMINATING COMMITTEE 1)evaluates membership proposals for consideration by the Boartd of Directors in order to admit those persons who best exemplify and promote the club's ideals and 2) chooses a slate of officers and directors to present to the membership for a vote at the annual meeting.

The national affairs and legislation committee educates the membership on current legislative and national government policy issues that have to do with restoring, improving, and protecting the quality of the environment.

The PHOTOGRAPHY COMMITTEE seeks to enhance the knowledge and enjoyment at all levels of involvement in the art of photography and to appreciate its unique blend of technical skill, knowledge of composition, and creativity. GCA Focus Magazines

The Program Committee researches, recommends, and schedules programs and speakers  that will inform and educate members on subjects related to the club's purpose.

The WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE is concerned with all matters that would raise revenues.

The membership committee evaluates membership proposals in order to admit those persons who best exemplify and promote the ideals of the LVGC and The Garden Club of America.

The PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE develops and implements a program of planned communication with goal-oriented results to the club and to the public.

The Bulletin Committee occasionally publishes educational, environmental, and historic topics to stimulate and enlighten club members.

The WEB ADMINISTRATOR is responsible for postings to the LVGC website, which offers information about LVGC, Zone III, and GCA activities.


The AWARDS COMMITTEE is responsible for awards for outstanding achievements  related to horticulture, botany, conservation, historic preservation, environmental protection, flower arrangement, landscape design, and literature

The garden history & design committee develops an appreciation and understanding of America’s significant gardens - large or small, new or old, formal or vernacular, through photography and research, the study of good design practices, and educational and lecture programs.

The HISTORIAN gathers and updates the history of the Lake and Valley Garden Club to deposit in the LVGC archive.

The Visiting Gardens Committee plans and coordinates trips to public and private gardens for the enjoyment and education of club members. It seeks to be familiar with LVGC member gardens and the best times for viewing them. It also arranges garden tours for GCA members visiting the Cooperstown area.

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