cooperstown Lakefront park buffer strip

The Lake and Valley Garden Club is the recipient of the 2008 GCA Founders Fund Award of $25,000 for the Otsego Lake Buffer Strip Project, which will stabilize the Lakefront Park shoreline at the foot of Pioneer Street by filtering nutrient polluted storm water, eliminating erosion, deterring Canada geese, and improving water quality while serving as a model for preservation of all lake and river shorelines. It will also serve as an inspiration to Cooperstown residents and the 200,000 annual visitors.

As part of the Otsego Lakes Festival, at noon, Saturday, July 10, 2010 the LVGC and the Otsego Lake Association held a dedication of the Buffer Strip Garden in Lakefront Park. Senator James Seward, Cooperstown Mayor Joe Booan, former Mayor Carol Waller and dignitaries from the Garden Club of America were among the honored guests. The buffer strip has been a joint effort of the LVGC and OLA. Phase one of the project was initiated by OLA primarily to deal with the run-off from Pioneer Street into Otsego Lake and to provide a demonstration of the effectiveness of the buffer strip concept. After that, efforts were combined with LVGC to expand the project to span the entire frontage of the park, including a handicapped accessible boardwalk, native plantings, horticultural beautification, and plans for education about conservation and protection of lakes and streams.


Buffer Strip combines perrenials, grasses, and shrubs to make a beautiful and healthy shoreline.

Perrenials: Black-eyed Susan, Blue Star, Cardinal-flower, Day Lily, Gentian, Inland (Northern) Sea Oats, Siberian and Yellow Flag Iris, Joe-Pye Weed, Obedient Plant-White, Purple Coneflower, Rodger's Flower, Shasta Daisies, Turtle-head, Variegated Sweet Flag, White Sage.

Grasses: Japanese Blood Grass, Red Leaved Miscanthus, Switchgrass.

Trees and Shrubs: European Black Alder, Blueberries, Dogwood, Dwarf Blue Leaf Artic Willow, Forsythia 'Bronxensis,' Ninebark, Niobe Weeping Willow, White Snowberry.


Save Your Lake, Make a Buffer Strip

During the September 15 general meeting, members planted “tons” of different kinds and colors of daffodils and iris in the Buffer Strip.

The spring clean up and planting at the Lake Front Park Buffer Strip went smoothly. Mickie Richtsmeier secured a Board of Cooperative Educational Services Grant for 22 students to help LVGC members weed, plant, and mulch under the supervision of Paul Lord who also educated the participants about the project.